About Us

The beginning

Our founder and CEO, Ryan Maina, invented and patented the Soccer Sidekick ball. In 2014, he brought in investors and appointed a new CEO to manage the company, allowing him to shift his focus to creating the next product, which has become Jagoles.com

 Growing Pains

In 2017, the company rebranded from Sidekick Holding to Futsolo LLC. Unfortunately, mismanagement and corruption under the then-CEO's leadership led to the liquidation of Futsolo LLC in 2020. Ryan has since revived his invention and rebranded the product back to its original name, 'Soccer Sidekick

Our Team

Having learned valuable lessons about trust and the importance of having a dependable team, we are committed to bringing products to market that you can trust and rely on, helping young players evolve into great athletes.

Our team comprises former soccer players and current coaches who share a profound love for the game and a dedication to innovating products that make soccer more accessible and enjoyable for the next generation

if you would like to contact us, you can reach out info@soccersidekick.com